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Benefits of Using Nutrigazm

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Sustained Energy

All of the ingredients in Nutrigazm are loaded with nutrients that increase your energy! Some of them are even known to increase the oxygen-carrying capacity of red blood cells, making your body more effective at boosting energy and increasing endurance. Nutrigazm is rich in essential B vitamins, which are especially good at aiding energy levels, and magnesium, which regulates all-day energy by supporting energy production in our cells.

Weight Loss

Nutrigazm is rich in highly bioavailable nutrients and digestible protein that leave you feeling satiated longer. Ingredients in Nutrigazm have been shown to shrink fat cells and block the production of new ones. They have also been found to prevent the formation of fat cells while signaling to the body to burn fat as fuel, rather than storing it. Our nutrient-dense formula of adaptogenic herbs stimulates metabolism and improves overall gut health.


Nutrigazm is loaded with natural ingredients that gently and effectively aid in digestion. Nutrigazm is rich in gut-friendly fiber which is known to be a critical part of digestive wellness. Our formula also contains naturally occurring enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics that bolster digestion. Each of our ingredients have been selected based on their high bioavailability, which ensures optimal nutrient absorption and improves overall digestion.

Stress Resilience

Nutrigazm contains adaptogenic herbs that increase your ability to adapt to stress! These natural substances are known to help alleviate anxiety and reduce overall stress levels. Adaptogens increase resistance to a broad spectrum of "stressors'' and aid in maintaining a balanced response during demanding situations. Nutrigazm also contains magnesium, B vitamins, and several other compounds that have been linked to stress relief.

Memory & Focus

Nutrigazm contains several brain boosting ingredients known as ‘nootropics’. The nootropics in Nutigazm have been shown to improve focus, memory, boost productivity and support your flow state. The adaptogenic herbs in our formula help the mind and body adapt to stressful situations and increase mental stamina. Nutrigazm also contains healthy omega-3 fatty acids that are necessary for optimal brain function.

Muscle Recovery

Nutrigazm is bursting with protein and contains all of the amino acids required for optimal muscle recovery. Our formula is filled with several of the most antioxidant rich foods in nature, which also support healthy muscle recovery and have been shown to prevent muscle atrophy. Nutrigazm contains essential fatty acids that have anti-inflammatory properties known to reduce pain and, once again, optimize recovery.

Libido Booster

We don’t call it Nutrigazm for nothing! This formula is jam packed with nutrients that are known to improve sexual health for both men and women. Nutrigazm is high in phenylethylamine (PEA) which is known as the “love hormone” because it is one of the main hormones released during sex. Our formula is also rich in numerous other compounds known to lower stress, increase blood flow and improve your overall libido.

Immune Support

Nutrigazm is bursting with vitamins and minerals that are key to well-functioning nervous and immune systems. Our formula contains high levels of vitamins A, C, E, B12, zinc and numerous other compounds that will keep you well and thriving. Antioxidants can help improve immune function, and Nutrigazm contains some of the most antioxidant rich foods found in nature.

Hair, Skin & Nails

Nutrigazm’s ingredients build blood and nourish all tissues in the body. Our formula contains several nutrients known to increase the strength of nails and stimulate hair growth. They’ve also been shown to stimulate collagen production, increase skin elasticity and have a balancing effect on oil composition - improving dryness or reducing excess oil, depending on what you need. (Aren’t adaptogens amazing!?)

"I’ve seen a significant increase in my energy levels! It makes me feel much better, in so many ways. AND my skin is glowing. I’ll drink this all day, everyday!" — Ivy T, Los Angeles

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Nutrigazm is my way of starting a good productive day! I feel great knowing I can count on a supplement that’s clean and has the correct science behind it, in a market that’s so saturated with supplements. I love how creative I can get with it form using it in my smoothies to making raw sweets with it. Grateful to discover Nutrigazm

Peter the Mysterious

Verified Buyer

If you’re looking for a plant based protein powder this one is it! All natural ingredients and tastes so good. As my breakfast smoothie,it keep me full and makes me feel great!!

Angela Malara

Verified Buyer

I love this product! I was taking a meal replacement shake prior to transitioning to Nutrigazm and after examining the ingredients of the meal replacement shake, I realized I didn’t recognize the bulk of ingredients. With Nutrigazm, I know exactly what I am putting into my body, with no guessing games. 

Julie Cobb

Verified Buyer