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Adaptogenic Superfood Protein Blend (Hint of Chocolate)

Transform the way you feel, inside and out, with our 100% whole food blend of adaptogens, nootropics and protein. Daily usage may support sustainable energy, recovery, weight loss, mental clarity and focus, enhanced stress resilience, hair, skin and nail health, digestive support, an elevated libido and immune support. All ingredients are adaptogenic, which means they “adapt” to what your body needs, in real time. They have been used medicinally for centuries, each recognized for their remarkable nutritional value and healing capabilities. Enjoy a smoothie in the morning for energy or evening for restorative sleep! (Previously called Dark German Techno Chocolate)

Benefits You Can Feel

Daily Usage May Support:

Ignite your health journey with one daily smoothie!


Making Nutrition a Human Right

For each product purchased, we send a 30-day supply of moringa leaf powder (commonly referred to as “nature’s multivitamin”) to undernourished youth in Africa. The moringa is grown on our sustainable farm in Uganda and directly distributed to children in the local region.

100% Whole Food Ingredients

Hemp Protein




Ceylon Cinnamon

Coconut Water Powder


Monk Fruit


Pink Salt

Sea Buckthorn Berry

...and that's it!

What Our Customers Are Saying

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Life Changing Nutrition"

Like an energy drink mixed with the macros of a protein powder

Like an energy drink mixed with the macros of a protein powder! It does not taste like your generic vegan protein, it mixes extremely well and there are great people behind the company!"

Ryder Carroll

I love this product

I love this product! I was taking a meal replacement shake prior to transitioning to NutrigaZm and after examining the ingredients of the meal replacement shake, I realized I didn’t recognize the bulk of ingredients. With NutrigaZm, I know exactly what I am putting into my body, with no guessing games. It helps me with my afternoon slumps, giving me the energy to take on the rest of the day. It has truly won me over!

Julie Cobb

Really feels clean

I am a big fan and now on my 5th bag of Nutrigazm. I make a smoothie before work with a banana and some greek yogurt mixed in and it is a great breakfast. Keeps you feeling full and gives you good energy and feels really clean. Great after a workout for recovery and even helps me cut down on coffee in the morning!

Eugene Litvinov

Enhanced my focus for work or play

The fact that this dad of two packed nutrigaZm on my recent family trip and carried it around the world says it all. I’ve been trying to make some dietary and lifestyle changes to live a healthier life with more focus and energy. Traditional foods often leave me feeling sluggish and then pouring caffeine on top gets me wired followed by a crash that leaves me snacking and drinking more coffee! Nutrigazm in the morning has helped fuel my yoga sessions, provided steady energy and enhanced my focus for work or play. It’s plant based, filled with quality ingredients and also tastes great.

Matthew F.


Incredible! Tastes great, fantastic ingredients, awesome macros and many great supper food ingredients. Plus makes me feel good!

Destiny Stohler

This one is it

If you’re looking for a plant based protein powder this one is it! All natural ingredients and tastes so good. As my breakfast smoothie,it keep me full and makes me feel great!!

Angela Malara

Actually good for my body and brain

I absolutely LOVE this. I feel great knowing that all of the ingredients are natural, free from additives, and actually good for my body and brain. Shoutout to the Chaga, Sea Buckthorn, Chlorella, Moringa, all major health game changers. I have been searching for a plant-based alternative to protein powder that doesn't taste chalky, and have definitely found it and more in this.

Anna C